Record Store day!

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Where: 320 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Record Store Day (RSD) is next Saturday, June 21st! We will be opening early and our record-fill looks to be very good. If there are special items that you are looking for we will probably have it, but make sure to come early! First come first served.
We are also having a sale the weekend of the 21st. All products that are not associated with RSD will be on sale! 20% off new items and 30% off used items. There will also be a super secret sale (make sure you ask for it at checkout) of 50% off all items priced $4.00 or less and all classical items will be 50% off.
If any of you out there are in the mood to go out tonight (Saturday Apr 14th), The Marinfidels will be playing at 19 Broadway in Fairfax. The show starts early with the 11th Hour Band, and the Marinfidels will go on after. Check it out here.
Hope to see you all on RSD!