Great little store! You won't find a nicer guy than Gary, the owner, to do business with. He has many years of experience in the music business, with an immense wealth of knowledge on virtually on every music genre. His prices are also very competitive. Whether you like cds, vinyl, music videos or just the little extras he also carries, do yourself a favor and drop by Mill Valley Music. You won't be disappointed.
— Steve K.
Wow, this may be the best record store I've ever visited! Amazing selection at great prices. I found a number of albums that have been on my list forever. I'll definitely be going back.
— Patrick S.
Perfect, awesome store! I didn't look at CDs, I was more focused on the record bins so I'll keep my comments to that. Excellent selection; large amount of used records with some sealed reissues throughout. Quickly found two records I don't commonly see at other stores and, after some searching, one other that I've been seeking for more than two years. Agree with the reviewer who says there's nothing extremely rare or outstanding here - no 'collectors wall' that other stores may have, but it does have a very solid, respectable selection of LPs. I've been collecting records for 20+ years, been to many, many stores all over the country and this little store is right in the strike zone as far as I'm concerned. As far as the comment someone made about the records being disorganized...firstly...and what's wrong with that? Makes the search more enjoyable, I say. But I understand it can be frustrating "looking" more than "finding" for people who want something particular. Having said that, though, I kinda disagree that the store is so disorganized. Yes, there were bins all over the place and some a bit difficult to get to. At first I thought they were haphazardly placed, but actually as I started poking around I found the bins were well alphabetized and easy to flip through. I'd describe the store as cluttery, but not disorganized for record browsing, probably needs more space - which is a testament to the size of the selection. I did have to do some bending up-and-down-and-around bins, but the A-Z organization was there and within each letter stuff was pretty well placed. Ended up spending a very enjoyable hour+ in the store, including great conversation with owner. Glad this kinda store is still around and I look forward to checking it out regularly.
— Joe S.
This is the *only* way to buy music...the owner Gary offers a wealth of new, used, CD, vinyl and optical titles. As a middle-aged music fan I've turned my sons and many a Marin teenager onto the sonic merits of non-iTunes "hardcopy" music...once they hear it, they split their time buying music here and scouring Craigslist for used audio equipment to play it on.

Once you get to know Gary he'll guide you through your existing tastes and turn you on to new stuff you'll really dig. He's terrific about letting you know of new releases by your favorites, and gives candid reviews. He'll also special-order (very quickly) just about anything. As the last-standing southern Marin music store we have a terrific little operation here...please do patronize the hell out of it!
— Dave L.
Very vibrant store. I walked in and stared at the posters for ever! Wow, great vibe. Records too! The owner was tall and wore a cape. I hear he speaks multiple languages and can howl like a wolf. Village records was legendary but who can remember it? Mill valley music is currently open and full of cheap to valuable records. Besides it seeps into the memory as much as anything could. I love every thing about this store except that it closes. Cant wait for the movie guys, maybe make it a "psy-fi". Very groovy.
— Jordan M.
Gary is great, the music selection is excellent and the used section has gems if you're patient and come back every now and then. Most importantly, their record selection is killer. You can spend real money for thick vinyl or you can find a huge selection of scuffed up $.99 albums.
— Paul C.
This place is prog heaven. I loved having a respectable argument about the best King Crimson and Camel albums with the owner who was a warm and friendly prog drummer. The selection of re-issued older titles was very impressive, and the owner personally directed me to some artists I was curious about.

The shop is small and intimate with an upstairs jam room for local musicians to meet up and play. Band posters line the walls, and the collection is well organized so that I was able to quickly get to the records I wanted.

In addition to extremely reasonably priced used records, this place had a classic King Crimson re-issue with the best price tag I have seen. I have not been able to leave this place without making a purchase!
— Chris W.